Why Social Ventures are the Best There Ever Was

Who run the world?
(Answer: Social entrepreneurs)

If you’re a badass business person, entrepreneur, or someone who simply has a desire to sell something to someone, you’re most likely a person who is intrigued with how the world works. Perhaps that’s why you went into business in the first place. It’s also very likely (more likely so than the former) that you have a desire to influence how the world works. You have a desire to benefit someone or impact their life in a thoughtful and meaningful way. In fact, every business man or woman that sets out to sell something does (or tries to do) that.

However, if you’re here reading this blog post, you probably fit into an even better category. You belong to a group of passion driven, mission accomplishing, badass entrepreneurs that not only aim to make money, satisfy their customers, and deliver a bomb product or service, but you aim to impact someone or the environment for the better, make the world a happier, greater place, or set out to tackle a really big, larger than life problem that you truly believe you can solve or begin solving.

Basically, you’re all around amazing. You don’t take no for an answer. You don’t let the opinions of others sway you. You don’t let people’s small minded brains rain on your parade. You know you don’t have to sacrifice being a millionaire for helping others and that you can do both! And you set out to GET WHAT YOU WANT. Whether that’s poverty alleviation, reversing climate change, or even just giving a person less fortunate than you a better opportunity, you set out to DO THAT. (And not to mention, you’re building the life and lifestyle you want to live.) And guess what? You’ve also got a dope business under your belt too. So, you’re basically doing what every body else is doing, but BETTER (because you’re changing the world for the better, baby.)

Social good startups, social ventures, whatever you want to call them, really are the best there ever was. And here’s why: I truly believe there is an awakening in the world of business and just the world in general! This new generation of business owners, startups, and young people have a drive and mission that isn’t fueled by money and power like older businesses are. The new age entrepreneur wants to do MORE and of course make money, but make money in order to accomplish their mission and to live the life they want to live giving themselves, their kids, and their employees opportunity and freedom with their income (while also accomplishing a rad mission with their business that gives them their income.)

It’s freaking amazing. In inspires me so much, and it just makes SENSE! Why haven’t we been doing this all along? Imagine what the world could have been 50 years ago, but most importantly (because we all know we can’t change the past, but we can put our best foot forward,) imagine what the world will be in 50 years from now. I get chills just thinking about it. Any social entrepreneur knows that every little act, sale, small business counts in making a difference. I’m so glad to be apart of this journey and not only own my own social good startup, but set out in this new business and brand to help these startups start off on the right foot.

So whoever you are, I’m glad you’re reading this. I hope you’re just as inspired as I am by this new awakening in the world. If you resonate with this and have your own business that needs a little design and marketing help to stand out, I want to work with you. I want to make your business shine and really show just how great it is, because I know you know how great it is, now we need to show the world. If you have that feeling that we should work together and we’d be an unstoppable team, please reach out! Even if you have a tiny little question, email me and we can chat.

Here’s to making the world a better place one social venture at a time!

Kenzie Amick