What I Learned from Quitting my Job


And I’ve accomplished so much more than I thought I could on my own in one month than at my full time job I started last year.

Don’t get me wrong, I ended up working for a great company and wouldn’t trade what I learned, who I worked with, or what I accomplished at that job for anything! It was a great experience.

However, if you push yourself and you’re constantly doing things that make you grow, you end up outgrowing where you’re at in life. For me, that happened a little sooner than I anticipated.

I opened myself up to resources that made me grow and realize what my dreams really were, but most importantly, they made me realize the greatness I had inside of myself and what I could really accomplish.

(If you’re interested in what books, articles, and videos I watched and you’re looking to grow in the same way, send me a message!)

Look, all I’m trying to do is live my best life, fulfill my purpose, and make an impact on this world for the better (while helping others along the way do the same thing.)

I want to use my design and marketing skills to help your causes and your business that I believe in (and everyone else should, too).

I want to give you the tools, resources, advice, and look to grow your earnings while fulfilling your mission. Let’s make this happen!

Kenzie Amick