Let's Talk About your Brand Aesthetics

If you want to stand out and create your loyal tribe that follows and buys from you (and feels like your Instagram family), you have to be super clear on your your vibe, your brand, and your vision!

You have to show your specific vibe visually on whatever platform you’re using (especially if you’re on Instagram)!

We now live in a world of content overload where “meh” accounts and brands are overlooked. You have to HONE IN on what you are and show off just how great your brand is!


1-Get on Pinterest and create a moodboard of images that evoke that feeling you’re going for. Really refine this moodboard and then put it up somewhere in your office or (home office) that you can always look to and keep on your mind!

2-Look at your favorite accounts that you want to be like and notice what vibe they have. Don’t copy them, but retell that mood and story in your own way. Notice what KINDS of content they are posting and look to that for ideas and inspiration!

3-Notice things IRL in stores, in nature, on the streets that light you up and contribute to that vibe! Take a picture and make an album on your phone so you can refer back to these products and images for inspo or to maybe post later on!

4-Hone in your brand and feed’s colors! Color portrays a mood and vibe in an instant! set a guideline of colors or color families to have your content follow. This will also help when creating your moodboard!

5-Know that you are your brand, so just retell your vibe and vision in a way that’s relevant to your brand and in a way that will help sell your products or services!

You got this! If you ever have any design, brand, vibe, or mood questions, let’s work together!

Kenzie Amick