It Feels so Good to do Good


Giving, serving, doing things purely for others makes me feel GOOD. Like REALLY GOOD. And I wanna feel that way as much as I can. So yeah, I’m a little selfish. ;)

I want to do a little Earth Day challenge for tomorrow! We should be picking up trash whenever we see it, but if you haven’t created that habit yet, why not start it on Earth Day!

1. Whatever trash you see anywhere tomorrow, PICK IT UP and then document it, posting on Instagram if you feel like it! It’ll inspire others to do the same! If you want, tag me because I would love to share on my stories everyone doing good on Earth Day, yay!

2. Recycle whatever you can. Whether there’s something you pick up from the street or if it’s something you use in your home, recycle that! Do a little google search to make sure you’re recycling correctly. :)

3. If you want to take it a step further, organize a little clean up! This can be reaching out to a bunch of people, or bring your family or a friend to come with you to pick up trash! Make it a fun outing!

Ok people! Let’s make this pretty place we live a little cleaner and better by showing respect and cleaning up trash tomorrow! Have fun!

Kenzie Amick