If you Want to Make an Impact on the World

I’d like to shed light on the fact that in so many parts of the world, there is an abundance of trash EVERYWHERE. By 2020 it’s predicted there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish...that’s next year!

There are things we can do to eliminate or plastic use and live a more sustainable lifestyle. First off, we need to be aware of the fact that the plastic and trash we create does not go away, it will end up somewhere whether that’s in a landfill (many of which are overflowing) or in the ocean which will then wash up on all of our beautiful beaches.

So, to avoid this problem of creating more trash than necessary we can refuse single use plastic, carrying your own reusable bags, containers, and straws, etc.

In my stories I gave a few tips on having a sustainable grocery shopping experience! One place we can really make a difference, or really use up a lot of single use plastic! (Its featured as a highlight on my profile if you’re reading this after the 24 hours)

Little changes make a big difference! If 8 billion people refuse the use of a plastic straw once, that’s 8 billion straws not killing cute little turtles in the sea. ;) Pretty cool when you think about it that way!

Kenzie Amick