Helping Yourself before Helping Others


As Tony Robbins puts it, “You have to work harder on yourself than you do your own job.” How freaking profound. How many of us spend our entire day working at our day job giving all of our effort and energy and then just chill after work for the rest of the day? There is so much time in the morning and the evening to meditate, journal, read books, listen to podcasts, and then actually APPLY that ish! Continual self improvement is SOOO important if you want to make an impact in a big way! Never forget that import piece for success! We often look around and judge what we wish was different or needs to change, but sometimes we gotta look at ourselves and work on a few things with in.

Here are a few things I’ve incorporated into my life to try to stretch myself, push myself farther, and growww:

1. READ DOPE SELF HELP BOOKS- I swear to you this alone can and will change your life if you are open to what is being taught to you. Read ones that you feel drawn to, that call out to you and make you feel like you want to change in that way. If you want a wonderful selection of the best self help books, contact me.

2. MEDITATE- Just do it. Take time at the beginning, middle, or end of your day to sit in silence, still your mind, and just breath. This act of doing “nothing” is so powerful. It will heal, it will reset your mind, and it will bring up and help you work through your stuff (which takes courage, but I know you want to change and you’re up for it since you’re still reading this long caption.)

3. NOTICE- Make a habit of just noticing what little habits and actions you have through out the day, and what those consequences are! Good or bad! Skipped lunch and your cranky which leads to an argument with your boo? (You already know I’m guilty of that) Wow! Life changing! Make sure you never skip lunch! (This also applies to like everything you do and you can clean up your act.)

Doing this work takes courage you guys. It takes a desire to change and then courage and humility when you act, but man. On the other side is a whole new life waiting for you.

Kenzie Amick