Having a Recognizable Brand is Everything

Even if your business is centered around a certain mission! Your brand is not your mission. Your brand is so much more!

Some people don’t fully understand the concept of a brand and think it is merely your logo, colors, and font. While those things contribute to that, that alone is not your brand.

A brand is so much more, it is your voice, your photography, yes, also your mission, your products, your vibe,  how you accomplish this, all of your visuals.

And guess what? Your brand isn’t even what you SAY it is. Your brand is how your CUSTOMERS perceive you! So, you best be honing in on all aspects of your brand.

Don’t be turned off and feel hopeless about this, think of it as a fun challenge! Instead of your brand wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt everyday because it’s comfortable and the first thing you thought to put on, explore and get dressed up! Intentionally dress up for who you’re selling to!

You will bring in so many more like minded people if they can see you for what you are. In this age of content creation and social media marketing, your brand and visuals is all you have to go off of!

So go, be your authentic you and let your business live its best life. And if you need a little help with the graphics side of things, don’t be shy and hit me up.

Kenzie Amick